Yo Gotti Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Awards & Achievements

Yo Gotti Net Worth

Net Worth in $$5 million
NameSentell Gotti Giden Mims Mario
Age39 years
Date of BirthMay 27, 1981
Place of BirthMemphis, USA
Height171 cm
Weight72 kg
Marital StatusIn a relationship
Wife/Spouse NameLekeisha Mims
ChildrenDearra, Monica, John
ProfessionSongwriter and Singer
Latest UpdateMay 2020

Introduction of Yo Gotti

Sentell Gotti Giden Mims Mario is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who is celebrated as Yo Gotti was born in Memphis, Tennessee USA. In 1996, he released his first album under the nickname Lil Yo, which was named Youngster’s On a Come Up as the title. From that time, he released more songs-six albums, with I Still Am as the most recent; 2017. How much do you know about this celeb, Yo Gotti? If you wish to know more, this article has information about Yo Gotti net worth, early life, career, awards, and life achievements. Let’s have a read.

The Early Life of Yo Gotti

The famous rapper and singer well known as Yo Gotti was born in the US at a place called Memphis. His mom was a housewife and an immigrant from South Africa while the dad was a fitness trainer from Zimbabwe. Other details about the family are that his brother Anthony while in grade two, their house was attacked and his parents arrested for over 10 years.

After the arrest, he went out and started mingling with older children who called him Yo; from the name Mario. By the way, they referred to him as ‘Lil Yo’. He later adopted Gotti from a known New York monster called John Gotti.

He had a difficult childhood, that’s why he always says that he’s a hustler like his parents. Despite the hardships of life, he attended school at Southwest Tennessee Community College. The tough life didn’t kill his dreams of living a better life. He began rapping at age 14 and never gave up.

He is now a father of two daughters Dearra, Monica, and a son whose mother was Lekeisha. Unfortunately, they developed marriage issues and decided to part ways. After their divorce, fell in love with Jammie Moses.


Yo Gotti Career

Yo Gotti’s career started at 14, where he used the name Lil Yo and associated with DJ Sound’s Crew. In six years from 2000, he released several albums including Da Dop Game Two Rap Game, Self-Explanatory, Life, and Back 2 Da Basics in 2006.

His career peaked in early 2012 when he released his major studio album called, Life From the Kitchen. On the album, his first single song called five stars and got ranked position 79 on the hot chart and number eleven on the US Rap. Other successful singles from this album were such as, Look In The Mirror, Women Lie, and Men Lie. However, he felt that his success hadn’t met his expectations, therefore, he quit the Polo Grounds Music and the RCA Records, and after selling around 36,000 copies and came position 12 on the US Rap billboard.

In 2013, he released his sixth album titled I Am. He featured Young Jeezy plus YG in the first single called Act Right. To promote the album, he toured various places between September and November whereby his album hit even more.

In 2016, his second album titled The Art of Hustle which was a collabo with Epic was released. It became the most successful in the album peaking at position 13 on the Singles Hot 100 Billboard. From this, he managed to sell approximately 62,000 copies which earned him a lot. Later on, in December 2016, a deal was signed between CMG and Jay-Z Roc Nation.

Come 2017, he collaborated in a mixtape called Gotti-Made It, whose first single had featured Nicki Minaj. This was the highest-ranked song in his profession. Lastly, he too collaborated with artists such as J. Cole, Cash Out, Megan Trainor, Lil Wyne, and more others.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

In 2014, Gotti got an award for the World’s Music Awards such as World’s Best Live Actor, World’s Best Album, Best Album of the Year, and Best Male Artist. Furthermore, he got nominated for the Soul Train Award in 2017. Again, still in 2017, he got another nomination for Best Hip Hop Music Award, being described as the Best Album of the Year, Best Collabo, and Mixtape (Duo and Group).

Yo Gotti Net Worth and Salary

This artist has repeatedly described himself as a hustler just like the parents. However, the tough struggles of life didn’t stop him from achieving success in his music career. He accumulated wealth with a value of up to $5 million by May 2020. Being the CEO of Collective Music Group, Yo Gotti net worth and salary have been boosted.  Furthermore, it’s said that he charges more than $50,000 for every song during his performance on stage.

Gotti also has other endorsement deals that add to his income from music. For instance, repping for puma, Child play Clothing, and Hood America which earn more than $0.4million per year. He owns various assets including a mansion in Memphis and several luxurious cars.

The Bottom Line  

Yo Gotti the rapper is an artist who came from a humble background to achieve greatness in the world of music. Having parents from Africa; Zimbabwe and South Africa, and being brought up in poverty didn’t stop him from getting a bright future. He created his name from what the older boys he walked called him on the streets.

His career started at an early age of 14, but his hard work and sacrifice gained him an admirable life. He not only gained fame but also wealth and money. He became famous in the year 2000 because of rapping on the street but wasn’t very popular until the year 2013 after signing the Epic Record. His main income-generating source is music and endorsing deals in branding companies including Puma and others. Finally, up to today, he charges between $50,000 and $70,000 per performance of his songs.

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