Tai Lopez Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Spouse, Awards

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Net Worth in $$10 million
NameTai Lopez
Age43 years
Date of Birth11 April 1977
Place of BirthCalifornia, United States of America
Height1.80 m
Weight78 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Wife/Spouse NameNone
ProfessionEntrepreneur, author, and business advisor
Latest UpdateApril 2020

Tai Lopez Net Worth and Introduction

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who talks about love, happiness, and making money online. He had an immense love for books and this spirit of him lead him to possess the world’s largest book club. He aims at making other people lead an easy and happier life. He has spread his vision across 40 countries. And Tai Lopez Net Worth is estimated to be $60 million.

He has also introduced a “Business Mentorship” program, that is free of cost. His aim in life is to make others live a life of ease and lots of happiness. He has the most successful “Social Media Marketing Agency” (SMMA) which sells online courses.

Early Life of Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez was born on 11 April 1977 in California, the United States of America. Her mother and grandmother bought him up as his father was imprisoned. His grandfather was a scientist to whom he had an intellectual association. He was dropped out of high school and rather than pursuing an educational career, he started working for his financial independence.

His childhood was unlikely the childhood of other kids. He has spent a considerable time of his life in reading books. This significant hobby developed a sense of strong character in him. He claims that he can read a book in one day and nothing can satisfy him more than that. Currently, the business advisor is unmarried. But he is dating the love of his life, Kenna Alastair.


Tai Lopez CareerDespite getting higher, Lopez preferred persuading his dream of traveling.He traveled across 50 different countries and lived among the Amish people during his stay in India. This was a life-changing experience for him.

When he returned to his mother’s mobile home, he was quite disappointed. He found himself evacuated. He started seeking ways and sought some knowledgeable information about Financial management through some mentorship. He worked for free just to gain experience. And now, he is sharing his experience with others to make their lives easier. He started his career through “Dating Websites” that gained him a good amount of money. He is author of “The 67 Steps”, in which he shared the steps towards a successful and blessed life.

Awards and Achievements

Tai Lopez Award


  • Tai Lopez is a certified financial advisor who has not won any award until now. But he has helped billion of people earn a massive amount of money. He claims that he has an elite class lifestyle with a Lamborghini in his garage.
  • He has worked with General Electronics (GE) as a financial manager. He has also gained a massive amount of wealth through his work with LLG Financial Inc. as a founding partner.
  • He has partnered with more than two dozen multi-national companies.

Tai Lopez Net Worth and Salary

The estimated Tai Lopez net worth is about $10 million. He grossed this money through hard work, quest of learning, and dedication. The resources through which he made money include social media marketing, working as a finance manager, Dating websites, and through his social media handels with more than 9 hundred thousand subscribers. He has grossed more than $70 million. he summed up the maps and secrets of success in his writing “The 67 Steps”. He earned around $7 million through this publication.

Bottom Line

Tai Lopez earned fame and money through his endless efforts and love for his work. The successful entrepreneur has helped many small businesses turn into million-dollar businesses. He used his success to pave successful paths for others.

In 2015, he started his podcasts. He shares thousands of business and online marketing ideas on his podcasts and social media handles. He conveys the ideas of higher-earning strategies.

He appeared in several TEDx talks and shared many life-changing tips and secrets to help the listeners attain a happy life. His Business mentorship courses have helped many to learn the business and university education at the same time. Probably he is the most sensational influencer, financial advisor, and author in the world right now.

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