Robert Downey Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Awards And Achievements

Robert Downey Net Worth

Net Worth in $$300 Million
NameRobert Downey
Age56 Years
Date of Birth4th April 1965
Place of BirthManhattan, New York
Height1.74 m
Weight78 Kg
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse NameDeborah falconer (1992- 2004)
Susan Downey 2005-
ProfessionActor, Producer, Singer
Latest Update2020

Introduction of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is of the most notable American movie stars. Much as he has had a successful acting career, Robert has also had his fair share of downfalls. He has fought both legal battles and drug abuse. Although he was down for a while, that did not throw him out of the celebrity space, music and movie production scene. He bounced back stronger and was for a while Hollywood’s highest-paid actor. And now Robert Downey net worth is $300+ million.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Early Life

Robert Downey Early

Robert started his acting career as a young child, having been born out of a family of actors. Both his parents are actors. It was unfortunate that Robert was introduced to drugs by his father at the tender age of six.This led to the start of an early battle against addiction. As this happened behind the scenes, Robert continued to get roles in the father’s films. He was only five years old when he appeared in his first movie.

Robert felt marijuana was their medium of connection. Through this drug, he connected well with his father. Before he knew it, he was abusing all kinds of drugs. By the time Robert was turning ten, he was living in London. Part of his curriculum was classical ballet. Downey Jr. was also a student of the Stagedoor Manor school of arts back in the US.

1978 was a year to forget. Robert’s parents divorced, and the young boy moved with his dad to California. Four years later, Downey Jr. dropped out of school to concentrate on acting. Clearly, Robert’s childhood was marred with drama and a lot of uncertainties, but, with time, things got better, and opportunities came by.


Robert Downey CareerHaving started his acting career early in his life, anyone could tell Robert’s path was acting. It would come to pass. Between 1983 and 1995, Robert’s acting career as a senior was on the rise. He was a regular in theatre roles.

In 1985 he joined the Saturday Night Live cast. Being young and inexperienced led to him being dropped. He was one of those considered underperforming thanks to criticism and a year of poor ratings. In fact, he was once rated the worst cast member of the Saturday Night Live team. He didn’t give up yet.

Robert kept trying and did a fair job in the films Turf Turf and Weird Science.In 1986, he played another role in Pretty in Pink. With every other movie Robert featured in, his talent reared its head to the attention of the world and producers.

The more roles he played, the more others he attracted.As we entered the 90’s, Robert was mastering his art. His role as Charlie Chaplin in the film Chaplin not only proved how good he is but also won him a nomination.

Between 2000 and 2003, Robert Downey sank low again. He was arrested severally on charges of using controlled rugs. His several arrested cost him and his producers. Although his role had significantly added led to a better ranking of the show Ally McBeal’s, the producers did not waste time fire him.

Robert did not lose his Ally McBeal’s role only. America’s Sweethearts production team also thought it was not a good idea to work with him. This time Robert had been arrested walking barefoot. The reason for his arrest is the suspected abuse of drugs.

Between 2001 and 20007, Bob, as he was commonly known, had seen it all- both highs and lows. Towards the end of 2007, Downey Jr had bounced back. From 2008 to now, Bob is enjoying success, having starred in the popular Iron Man and other blockbusters.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and AchievementsBob has been nominated 53 times and won 24 of them. Up to now, he has not yet recorded an Academy Awards and Critics Choice Awards. Although, he has been nominated twice and thrice for the former and latter respectively. He has won the People’s Choice Awards seven times in addition to two MTV Movie Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.

Robert has also been nominated for the Teen choice awards seventeen times and won it twice. For the Primetime Emmy Awards, Bob has been nominated once but was unsuccessful in losing the award. Other notable awards include the Saturn awards, which he has won four times out of seven nominations.

Robert Downey Net Worth and Salary

Robert Downey net Worth is $300 Million. The star has an 8% commission back a deal, which earns him quite an amount. For instance, after banking $20 million upfront from Iron Man, he took home an additional $55 million. This was 8% of the $700 Million Iron Man-made in profit. That meant a total of $75 Million.

Back in 2008, when Downey Jr. was starting his role as Iron Man, he was taking home $500,000 as salary. He grew to $10 Million with his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. For a long time, Bob has either been at the top of the pay list or among those with the highest returns in Hollywood. This is because of his leading roles in blockbusters and back deals that see his earnings increase with an increase in profits.

Bottom Line

Bob has had a glittering career but had to fight drug abuse, which led him to lose roles previously. Even after being fired on several occasions, Bob came back stronger and also made it to the top of Hollywood. Being the highest-paid Hollywood actor is not a mean feat.

He relentlessly worked hard, especially when he needed to win the battle against depression and drug abuse. Aside from acting, Robert Downing was a family man and had several endorsements to his name.

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