Lil Scrapy Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Spouse, Awards

Lil Scrappy Net Worth

Net Worth in $$900
NameDarryl Kevin Richardson
Age37 years
Date of BirthJanuary 19, 1984
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia USA
Height173 cm
Weight86 kgs
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse NameAdi Bambi Benson
ChildrenEmani Richardson
ProfessionRapper and Record producer
Latest UpdateMay 2020

Introduction Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson, is an American rapper, record producer, and songwriter. He gained fame, especially after his well-known singles called No Problem and Head Bussa.

Do you know Lil Scrappy just apart from his appearance on stage and his career? Do you know about his birth, education, and the start of his profession? This article has prepared all this information starting from an early age, weight, height, net worth, spouse, and others. Let’s have a look.

The Early Life of Lil Scrappy

Scrappy was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America on January 19, 1982. He was brought up by a single mom who had 12 children – seven daughters and five sons. The mother is called Momma Dee, and the father is Darryl Sr. It’s said that the dad abandoned the mother earlier before his birth. Scrappy went to the Military High School in California. He has a beautiful daughter called Emani Richardson, whose mother is Erica Dixon.

Lil Scrappy got married recently to Bambi Benson in a secret party that was attended by the chosen few. He announced about his spouse by posting her picture on Instagram thanking God for giving him the beautiful lady. Consequently, his fans now cleared their doubts. Some of them thought they weren’t married for sure, but Scrappy confirmed that it was official. Nevertheless, some fans commented, saying he should have married Erica instead. As we speak, Lil Scrappy and Bambi Benson have a son called Breland, who was born on September 21, 2018.


Lil Scrappy CareerScrappy’s rapping talent was discovered by Lil Jon when he was performing at a pub in Atlanta, his hometown. Beside label mates Trillvillee, Scrappy was contracted to sign Lil Jon’s BME Recordings. In 2003, he became reputable through the then street anthem and mixtapes entitled Head Bussa. The mixtape gained a little success by appearing position 73 on the R & B and Hip-hop chart Billboard.

Later, in 2004, he again teamed up with Labelmate Trillville and released a double EP called The King of Crunk and BME Records. It featured Lil Jon as the producer, while each of the two artists is having ten tracks on the album.

The most earning and successful of scrappy’s singles was called No Problem. It was ranked number 30 on Hot 100 chart and position 10 on the R &B billboard. Additionally, his collabo album with Trillville performed very remarkably. It came spot three on the R &B chart and 12 on the hip-hop and rap chart. This happened because of the success of singles such as No Problem by Scrappy and Some Cut by Trillville.

Next, he released an album on May 5, 2006, entitled Bred to Die, Born to Live. This album featured more other artists such as Yong Joc, Young Bro, 50 Cent, and Lil Joc, who was the album’s producer. The performance of its first single was very well done and came position 28 on the Hot 100 chart.

On May 13, 2008, scrappy again released another album called Prince of the South. He then informed his fans that the album would be mainly from Def Jam Records. In 2009, the rapper acted in a film called Just Another Day, where his acting skills were confirmed. This film generally talked about rappers’ lives and the facts about occurrences in the rap community.

Come October 19 of 2010, the rapper released volume two of his second album called Prince of the South 2. The release was done by Real Talk Entertainment. Earlier in 2009, he released single from this album titled Addicted to Money. Furthermore, he participated in a famous movie called Love and Hip-hop Atlanta.

After a long time and a series of delays, Lil Scrappy came back and released an additional album. For instance, he released ‘The Grustle’ in June 2012 with ‘No Love’ as the first single on the album. This song recorded an excellent and quick response- hit more than 100,000 views in a week.

Awards and achievements

As of May 2020, Lil Scrappy has no awards yet.

Lil Scrapy Net Worth and Salary

Apart from making a name in the rap industry, Lil Scrappy has some money to demonstrate his point. Until May 2020, he has an estimated net worth amounting to $900. Mainly, his income is generated from the sale of his albums. Besides, he earned some cash through appearing in the two films, as noted earlier. Scrappy didn’t mention the much he earned from those movies, but it’s a sure thing that the money was big enough to make him rich.

Scrappy is simply one of the many rappers in the industry but, he surely has a loud voice to count. For example, in 2015, during the trans-gender community event, the rapper pointed out serious concerns. He was very mindful of how ill Caitlyn spoke about the community. As per him, children who follow and admire such individuals might be tempted to do the same. However, the rapper said that he had nothing against homosexuals.

The Bottom Line

Kevin Richardson, popularly celebrated as Lil Scrappy, is a hip-hop rapper and actor born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA. Despite being raised by a single mother, he attended school after which, he started rapping and was recognized by Lil Jon, who mentored him for greatness.

The source of Scrappy’s income and wealth is from his albums and acting. Lil Scrapy net worth approximation is at $ 1,000,000 as of May 2020, and he’s still doing well in the rap industry. Some of the songs he has done include No Problem, Money in the Bank, Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, Tha Grustle, and many others, which gained success. He’s indeed an exemplary star.

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