Faze Banks Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Awards And Achievements

Faze Banks Net Worth

Net Worth in $$13 Million
NameFaze Banks
Age29 Years
Date of Birth18th October 1991
Place of BirthLawrence, Massachusetts
Height6 ft 2 in
Weight88 Kgs
Marital StatusSingle
Wife/Spouse NameNA
Latest Update2020


Faze Banks’ real name is Ricky banks. The YouTuber is an influencer on the online space with millions of followers. Having created the YouTube channel back in 2011, the young popular figure has grown into a full social media influencer. Other than run a fully monetized YouTube channel, the young man is a music producer. His creativity has earned quite a fortune. Other than production, he is a songwriter as well as a composer. With such abilities and a huge YouTube following, Faze Banks has been able to turn song writings into millions of dollars. Faze Banks net worth is quite impressive.

Millions of users spend billions of dollars annually online streaming and watching. The ability to capture these views and use them to make money is what turned Faze Bank’s life.

As a content creator, you need to be actively engaged in the creation of captive content to keep your subscribers coming back. This work can be demanding sometimes. The beauty is, the higher the demand the higher your income. Ricky knew this and made it his source of income.

Early Life

We all start somewhere. Faze Banks too had a beginning. As at 2020, his YouTube channel is just a year away from turning a decade old. I guess, when he was creating his channel, little did he know it would become such a hit. His ability to write songs and produce good music has also been beneficial to his online influence.

He started alone. But, with time, more social media influencers came up and they chose to team up. The Faze Clan is an online organization and he is the COO. The group is popular for gaming Call of Duty. To get to where he is, the young man had to device creative ways of courting attention. Well, it took time but finally, he found out how.

By the time he was founding the Faze Clan, he was living in Florida. That was back then in 2017. Allissa Violet was her fiancée at that time. although these two would separate two years later. The former couple knows best why they decide to part ways. One would be forced to think this was your normal youth relationship which never goes past a year or two.


Faze Banks Career

It is hard to convince parents YouTubing is a career. Most are so rigid minded you have to sit in an office wearing a tie earning a monthly salary for your efforts to be appreciated. As a youngster, Faze has continued to impress with his online antics.

The YouTube star is ranked 434 most popular individuals and is a member of various groups leading the YouTube trends. Faze is a member of the Faze Clan and Clout Gang. In addition, he contributes majorly to the Gaming Web Stars and is also part of the 28-Year-Olds.

Other than holding a top position at the Faze Clan, Banks is also a renown Gamer as well as a Vlogger. While starting out, most of Faze Bank’s videos were revolving around the game Call of Duty. His love for gaming earned him a lucrative career. As time went by, he had to diversify and look for more creative content.

After realizing more interesting content, Faze was quick to upgrade his posting game. He started doing pranks and reaction videos in addition to challenges. This strategy seemed to have been well received by his fans as his following massively grew.

Awards and Achievements

I have tried everything possible to get subscribers on YouTube. After sharing videos and being as creative as possible, I could only manage eleven subscribers and a few hundred views. That is one of the reasons I believe having millions of subscribers and million other views is a great milestone. Faze’s status as a social media influencer is also not a mean feat.

Thanks to his influence, he has secured several endorsements and makes good money from his posts. He is also part of influential groups and that adds to his impact. When you have such power online, you are at a great advantage to change the world. Faze is also gifted in music writing and production. This too has won him recognition as well as good money.

When you are famous and influential, big corporates come calling with serious packages on offer. Faze Banks has made himself a fortune thanks to his ability to arrest customers and sell brands to them. This kind of business model is common in the online space but only a few have mastered the art to perfection. Faze Banks is one of them. Other achievements include his rise in influence and appearances in major world platforms.

Faze Banks Net Worth and Salary

As of 2020, Faze Banks net worth is about $13 Million. On average, Faze banks $110,000 annually. This is slightly less than $10,000 a month. All these he gets from the millions of views he gets from his YouTube channel. A dollar millionaire status at an early age is a great achievement.

As he ages, his future looks brighter. He is likely to become more influential and make more money. But, this will be as long as he remains creative and one that is miles ahead of the rest thought wise. His income too is likely to go up as he earns more followers and viewers. As this happens, his net worth will be greatly but positively affected.

The Bottom Line

At this age and time, social media is making the youth millionaires. As long as you get it right like Faze Banks, you will definitely mint billions in return. The most important thing is remaining relevant and creative. That way you will not only gain followers but also secure hefty deals with great financial returns. Faze Banks has proven YouTube can make you rich and he is still proving so.

Updated: January 22, 2021 — 4:15 pm