Matt Brown Net Worth

Matt Brown's net worth: $ 4 million

Matt Brown, a 36-year-old American MMA fighter, who has earned most of his fortune from UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship). His estimated net worth is $4million. Brown's annual estimated salary (income) is $800,000.

At UFC Fight Night 40 event back in 2014, Matt earned a staggering payday salary worth $82000 after he won against Erick Silva via third round TKO. In addition to the salary, Brown also enjoyed extra $100,000 bonus after the fight. And in 2016, Matt also received $20,000, which was the highest non-title share of $205,000 Rebook payout to UFC. 

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Caption: Matt's exceptional fighting might have brought him loads of cash at UFC Night 40 against Brazillian Erick Silva in 2014 That fight increased his net worth by $182,000 in just one night. 

Verified and Non-Verified Net Worth

According to's report on, Matt Brown’s overall UFC career earning is $1,214,000 since 2004, sponsorship and other income category excluded. However, he hasn’t disclosed his overall net worth. Nonetheless, many websites have estimated his net worth to be between 4 to 5 million US dollars [citation needed, non-verified information].

Matt's enjoys a solid UFC record of 22 wins and 16 losses. He usually wins his fights via KO/TKO and often losses via submission. From February 20124 to December 2014, Brown won seven consecutive matches defeating tough fighters such as Eric Silva, Chris Cope, and more, and earned the status of one of the title contenders.

A Tough Fighter

Brown currently ranks 19th in the UFC Welterweight division. He now flaunts Five Night Bonuses, including three Fight of the Night, one Performance of the Night, and one Knockout of the Night. Humble in his interviews but aggressive in the ring. Brown is known for his "straightforward brawling" fighting approach. Matt's favorite striking technique is flying knee. He holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and brown belt in Judo.

As of now, he is expected to face Diego Sanchez, on November 11, 2017, at UFC Fight Night 120. Matt's current UFC ranking is 19, whereas Sanchez was previously ranked but currently unranked, according to

Furthermore, Matt has lost last three of his UFC fights, whereas Sanchez has won one of his last three UFC fights. Back in 2016, Brown witnessed his first TKO loss of his career when he faced Jake Ellenberger at UFC 2012. Not only that, Brown suffered from a series of post-concussion syndrome and minor short-term memory problem post his fight with Jake. However, it was not the first time he faced such concussion in his career. According to Matt, he has suffered hundred of concussion in his fighting career, but not such severe as the concussion he suffered for days after his match against Jake. The bout forced the tough fighter to go through yet another injury rehab in his long career.

Matt is currently training hard and expects to turn his career around. He once ranked inside Top 10 UFC Welterweight Fighters, and fans expect him to boost his rankings. 

Before starting his professional career via The Ultimate Fighter in 2008, he had previously won the ISCF ( International Sports Combat Federation) East Coast Welterweight Championship defeating Douglas Lima in 2007. Later, he suffered from money problems before The Ultimate Fighter tryouts saved him.

Matt made his UFC debut at 'The Ultimate Finale 7' against Matt Arroyo via second-round TKO. Likewise, he won his very first MMA match against Ricardo Martinez in Higher Power Fighting in 2007.

Short bio and Married Life

Born on Jan 10, 1981, in Jamestown, Ohio, US, Matt Brown got his nickname 'The immortal' from his friend after he recovered from a heroin overdose in his early days. Brown graduated from Greenview HIgh school. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol before he decided to quit his addiction and train to be a fighter.

Matt Brown's wiki: Coincidently, there is another celebrity named "Matt Brown" who has also recovered from alcohol abuse. He is none other than the reality show Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown.

Brown married his longtime girlfriend, Colleen Brown, in 2010. In fact, the couple hitched some days after Matt was taken in Custody by Mexican custom police. Husband Matt and wife Colleen Brown have two sons, Hunter and Conner, who are twins. The family currently lives in Denver with their dog. 

The Ohio born fighter has been vocal about his past drug and alcohol abuse. In 2015, he even criticized UFC fighter, Anderson Silva, for using performance-enhancing drugs. Matt has also supported UFC's tough penalties policy related to such drug abuse. 

In 2015, Matt was in the news after his former Jiu-Jitsu coach Rodrigo Botti claimed that the fighter assaulted him. Botti tried to pursue a case through his lawyers, but the city prosecutors later dismissed the case because there was lack of enough evidence.  

Last but not the least, Matt is 6 feet tall. His weight is 177 lbs or 77 kg.  

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