Logan Paul Net Worth

Quick Facts of Logan Paul

Date of Birth April 1, 1995
Nationality American
Net Worth $15377829

Logan Paul’s Net Worth: Over $15 million

An American YouTuber and an actor, Logan Paul has an estimated net worth over $15 million as of 2018. Currently, he is a YouTuber who does daily vlogs and got more fans through his vlogs.  He also has some guest appearance in TV shows and movies. He has a whopping 8.6 million followers on Instagram and 16.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Forbes reported Logan was the highest paid YouTuber on 2017 making over $11.5 million form YouTube. 

Early Career and Progression

Logan Paul is one of the top digital creators in the world. He was listed in 2017 top3 most influencers in entertainment by Forbes while his brother, Jake Paul didn’t even make in top 10. Before Logan would team up with brands like Dunkin Donuts, Hanes, Pepsico and HBO, he also did splits around the world for the Olympics and made it on the cover of Adweek magazine. Before Logan Paul crossed over the mainstream media appearing on Law & Order, Weird Loners, Stitchers, he also wrote and produced a movie known as Airplane mode. It was actually a little competition between the brothers which first got Logan dedicated by posting a video because Jake initially had few hundreds of more followers. When vines were launched in 2013, this allowed Logan to find an outlet to entertain the world producing high-quality comedy content.  


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He dropped out from college and started making videos. When he got his first digital camera, he shot mostly flowers photo.  When he turned 10, he got his hand on a video camera and he and his friends began filming them playing sports and upload the content to YouTube. He was a standout athlete during his high school.  When vine was launched in jan13 2013, he had approximately 900 followers in July and after 4 months he had hit 1.5million. He began working for companies like HBO, Hanes, Pepsi, Ritz Cracker and Dunkin Donuts.  Logan made the trip to Los Angeles and moved into an apartment complex located at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. There he lived with other online stars like King Bach and made a family and got sides with Hollywood’s most elite agency. According to Forbes, his income from facebook is £110,000 per Facebook post and gets a salary of about £59,000 for sponsored Instagram posts. His cars collection includes Mercedes G-Wagon 4X4, Dodge Challenger, and The Cool Bus. His assets and merchandise include a clothing merch named Maverick. He got most of his fan from social media. His recent video got demonetization from YouTube where he vlogged in suicide forest in Japan. He was criticized for posting this video where he shoots a dead man corpse.


Short Bio

Logan Alexander Paul, commonly known as Logan Paul was born on April 1st, 1995 in Westlake, Ohio, US. His age is currently 22. He is the son of Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick. He has a younger brother, Jake Paul. When he was 10 yrs old, he began posting a video on his YouTube channel named Zoosh.  Until 2014, he used to live with his parents. Currently, Logan Paul doesn’t have any girlfriend but he as dated Jessica but she cheated on him.  He has now moved into new house in LA where he lives with other vines star.


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